Custom-made furniture Ostravice - Petr Šigut

Stolařství Šigut Allow me to introduce our company Stolařství Petr Šigut, which was founded in 1999, Our company is located in the village of Ostravice No. 447 near Frýdek-in Moravian-Silesian region.

We custom joinery production of soft and hard solid wood, manufacture of doors, furniture, tiles and pergolas.

Company Stolařství Petr Šigut boasts years of experience and has been confirmed by a number of regular customers, we are convinced that the advantages of cooperation not only excellent quality of our products at reasonable prices, but also accuracy in compliance with the agreed conditions.
Petr Šigut

Something about wood:
Wood is a versatile raw material from which it is produced virtually anything. Wood is a freestone, excellent structural properties, is strong and flexible, has good thermal properties (structure of wood acts as a low-energy house), is widely available. Wood is the raw material from which radiates energy and warmth. Wood is a beautiful, natural, noble material, which has its own charm, has a soul. Wood is the most promising raw material, organic and creative material of the future. Wood offers perfect opportunities for waste-free processing. Wood is recyclable, does not affect the environment or during formation, or recycling.